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Thursday, April 17, 2008
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The Elliott Wave Principle

In the 1930s, Ralph Nelson Elliott, a corporate accountant by profession, studied price movements in the financial markets and observed that certain patterns repeat themselves. He offered proof of his discovery by making astonishingly accurate stock market forecasts. What appears random and unrelated, Elliott said, will actually trace out a recognizable pattern once you learn what to look for. Elliott called his discovery "The Elliott Wave Principle," and its implications were huge. He had identified the common link that drives the trends in human affairs, from financial markets to fashion, from politics to popular culture.

Robert Prechter, Jr., president of Elliott Wave International, resurrected the Wave Principle from near obscurity in 1976 when he discovered the complete body of R.N. Elliott's work in the New York Library. Robert Prechter, Jr. and A.J. Frost published Elliott Wave Principle in 1978. The book received enthusiastic reviews and became a Wall Street bestseller. In Elliott Wave Principle, Prechter and Frost's forecast called for a roaring bull market in the 1980s, to be followed by a record bear market. Needless to say, knowledge of the Wave Principle among private and professional investors grew dramatically in the 1980s.

When investors and traders first discover the Elliott Wave Principle, there are several reactions:

Disbelief � that markets are patterned and largely predictable by technical analysis alone

Joyous �irrational exuberance� � at having found a �crystal ball� to foretell the future

And finally the correct, and useful response � �Wow, here is a valuable new tool I should learn to use.�

Just like any system or structure found in nature, the closer you look at wave patterns, the more structured complexity you see. It is structured, because nature�s patterns build on themselves, creating similar forms at progressively larger sizes. You can see these fractal patterns in botany, geography, physiology, and the things humans create, like roads, residential subdivisions� and � as recent discoveries have confirmed � in market prices.

Natural systems, including Elliott wave patterns in market charts, �grow� through time, and their forms are defined by interruptions to that growth.

Here's what is meant by that. When your hands formed in the womb, they first looked like round paddles growing equally in all directions. Then, in the places between your fingers, cells ceased growing or died, and growth was directed to the five digits. This structured progress and regress is essential to all forms of growth. That this �punctuated growth� appears in market data is only natural � as Robert Prechter, Jr., the world's foremost Elliott wave expert and president of Elliott Wave International, says, �Everything that thrives must have setbacks.�

Basic Elliott Wave PatternThe first step in Elliott wave analysis is identifying patterns in market prices. At their core, wave patterns are simple; there are only two of them: �impulse waves,� and �corrective waves.�

Impulse waves are composed of five sub-waves and move in the same direction as the trend of the next larger size (labeled as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Impulse waves are called so because they powerfully impel the market.

A corrective wave follows, composed of three sub-waves, and it moves against the trend of the next larger size (labeled as a, b, c). Corrective waves accomplish only a partial retracement, or "correction," of the progress achieved by any preceding impulse wave.

As the figure to the right shows, one complete Elliott wave consists of eight waves and two phases: five-wave impulse phase, whose sub-waves are denoted by numbers, and the three-wave corrective phase, whose sub-waves are denoted by letters.

What R.N. Elliott set out to describe using the Elliott Wave Principle was how the market actually behaves. There are a number of specific variations on the underlying theme, which Elliott meticulously described and illustrated. He also noted the important fact that each pattern has identifiable requirements as well as tendencies. From these observations, he was able to formulate numerous rules and guidelines for proper wave identification. A thorough knowledge of such details is necessary to understand what the markets can do, and at least as important, what it does not do.

You have only just begun to learn the power and complexity of the Elliott Wave Principle. So, don't let your Elliott wave education end here. Join Elliott Wave International's free Club EWI and access the Basic Tutorial: 10 lessons on The Elliott Wave Principle and learn how to use this valuable tool in your own trading and invest

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Like any other trading system and method, Forex trading system boils down to risk versus reward. How much capital you are willing to put at risk for a given level of return should be your top consideration. Beyond that, one must consider costs, trading activity, and markets traded before investing. Indeed, Forex trading system is a good mix of art and science - art because it comes through practice, and science, because it has certain rules, regulations and principles to be followed. Knowledge as well as technology plays a very vital role in every decision you take.
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The beginner forex trader should check the news articles that the broker has posted before beginning a new trading session. Profiting from Forex news could be one strategy the beginner forex trader could profit from. The news could be informative and this may affect the trader's choice to which currency pairs and the positions to take for the trading session. Profiting from Forex trading via the Internet has resulted in a great deal of interest by small traders previously locked out of this enormous marketplace. The FOREX market is less regulated than other financial markets. There is always risk in speculation, in any traded financial instrument whether they are regulated or unregulated.

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For those who trade using the Forex, or foreign currency exchange, knowing how to forecast the Forex can make the difference between trading successfully and losing money. When you begin learning about Forex trading, it is vital that you understand how to forecast the Forex trading market.

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Currency prices are affected by a variety of economic and political conditions. The beginner trading forex currency should take note to probably the most important influences to the currency prices are interest rates, international trade, inflation, and political stability. Governments participate in the foreign exchange market to influence the value of their currencies. The governments flood the market with their domestic currency in an attempt to lower the currency price or conversely, buying in order to raise the price. This is generally known as central bank intervention. The beginner trading forex currency should be aware that large market orders can cause high volatility in currency prices. Due to the size and volume of the forex market its impossible for any entity to drive the market for any length of time.

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The upward trajectory in the Australian Dollar has been guided by a trend line established in August of last year. The pair is driven higher by a widening...

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The foreign exchange market dwarfs the combined operations of the New York, London, and Tokyo futures and stock exchanges. According to its size and scope it is many times larger than all other markets. Stats shows that spot transactions and forward outright Forex trading take place in the inter-bank market. 51% of the market is in spot Forex transactions, followed by 32% in currency swap transactions. Forward outright Forex transactions represent another 5% of this daily turnover, with options on �interbank� Forex transactions making up another 8%. Therefore the inter-bank market accounts for 96% of the global foreign exchange market, with the remaining 4% being divided among all the global futures exchanges.

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If economy and history are to be heeded, the oil prices can't continue to rise indefinitely. Eventually, consumers will bite the bullet and start cutting their demand for oil and gas. When that happens, the price of oil will either stabilize, or start heading back down toward the $40 a gallon that experts predicted it would never hit.

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Many factors affect Forex trading. It is critical to know and understand the various factors that cause the Forex to fluctuate from day to day. The foreign exchange market will change depending on the economic factors that play a role in the movement of currency.
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So you want to become a forex trader but aren't too sure where to begin to learning process. Well, you're in luck. In today's information age, the internet is an invaluable tool that can help you find just the type of forex trading training that you'll need to make it big in foreign currency trading.

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Have we reached the pain threshold for EUR/USD?

Fri, 09 Nov 2007 08:27:58 GMT
The EUR/USD pair was mired between two conflicting impacts yesterday as Trichet tried to cap the euro ascent, while Fed??�s Bernanke shot down all hope for a USD rebound.


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by J. Foley

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Forex Trading Machine is suitable for beginners AND veteran traders alike. This guide is not just trading lessons, it is a complete trading solution. The main thing that I regret about buying Forex Trading Machine is that I didnt buy it sooner.

Ive bought many Forex Trading courses, but Forex Trading Machine is by far one of the best. The Forex Trading Machine is now available to all thanks to this opportunity that Avi Frister gives us to learn how to profit systematically in the Forex market using his Price Driven Forex Trading strategies. As you can now see, Forex Trading Machine is not just a trading course, it is a complete trading solution.

From traders psychology, unique money management formulas, to calculating currency values and reading a currency chart Forex Trading Machine is a complete learning tool for even the most inexperienced trader. The Forex Trading Machine is delivered in the form of two separate PDF files that you can download after purchase. The Forex Trading Machine is the e-book youve got to read. The Forex Trading Machine is not just another trading system or quick guide to get started in trading Forex, this is a complete SOLUTION to making money and maximizing your profits. Go Here To Get More Information On 'Forex Trading Machine'

'Forex Trading Machine'

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For any prospective traders, hope this is not in anyway a discouragement. Trading is a hard mind game and not everyone is suitable to be engaged in such a hard game. Most have neither frame of mind nor mental fortitude to survive in this hard game. Mastering TAs or numbers or options business are at best a first tentative step into the right direction with no guarantee to any success. Training a right frame of mind is the most difficult but absolutely necessary part for success and most are simply not ready to go through that hard stage of the learning process because it is a very painful process. Trading is essentially about pain-taking-process in the end although most do not realize it. The process of overcoming fear, greed and mastering tranquility of mind in this hard school of speculation.

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At present mostly all the operations on the Forex market are conducting only to obtain profit. With the development of Internet and other means of communication this sector of the financial markets becomes more accessible and attractive for the investors of different levels.

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Trading requires time in a couple of ways. The first is the time dedicated to developing a trading system. This can be thought of as a one-off thing, but in reality it is more an on-going process. Once a system is in place, time is required in terms of monitoring the markets for signals, executing transactions, and managing positions. How much time all these different elements require depends on the trading system. The trading system, in turn, needs to take in to account the amount of time the trader has available.

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Bayou fund chief gets 20 years

Mon, 14 Apr 2008 18:22:00 EDT
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